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19 Times You Fell More In Love With Karen Gillan

Flawless Ginger Queen of my heart.

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1. When she made faux fast food look delectable.

2. That time when she battled disinformation victoriously.

3. When she was appalled by Matt's sweater. J/K she loved it, it too understands the burden that is too kawaii.

4. That time she just * died * after snagging a selfie with some super famous fans.

5. When she met Draco Malfoy and was [screaming internally].

6. That time she showed off her "sci-fi family portrait".

Hi I want to be tangentially related to Patrick Stewart.

7. When she revealed the TARDIS looks like behind the scenes.

8. That time she reminded everyone she was a bad girl at heart.

9. No for real, Karen's hardcore.

I mean she hangs out with Meryl Dixon.

10. When she was like there's no rule about not instagramming fight club, right Zoe Saldana?

11. That time she #tbt-ed to double Amy Pond.

12. When she blessed this proposal at Wizard Con.

13. When she hoverboarded into your heart.

14. When she taught us everything she learned on her horror movie, Occulus.

"scared faces"

15. When she dropped the original Eleven and Amelia Pond looks like twin bombs of cuteness.

"That was the 1st pic of Matt & I in character was released 4 yrs ago today, but, I have the real one from... 1st camera test."

16. When she was like no no no, THIS is how you photobooth.

17. That time she revealed she was also a superhero in training.

18. When she premiered the official album cover for Karen and the Babes.

19. When she was like NO HAIR, DON'T CARE.

Being a flawless ginger queen comes from the inside.

Bonus! That time she gave us all this..........legroom.

Love you, you flawless ginger queen, never change.


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