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    33 Times Jake The Dog Was Your Spirit Animal

    Don't you wish you had a BFF like Jake?

    1. That time for safety.

    2. That time he was like second breakfast? SECOND. BREAKFAST.

    3. That time he was like just ignore it everything will be fine.

    4. That time he decided that going to the door for delivery was equivalent of running anyway.

    5. That time he was like you're lucky to be considered this sandwich's equal in my eyes.

    6. That time he swore to make the most of your untimely end.

    7. That time he impersonated Terry Crews.

    8. That time he was 2 kawaii 4 u.

    9. That time he literally fought a bitch for a sandwich.

    10. That time when he decided to love his lumps.

    11. That time he was passionate about fauxhawks.

    12. That time he was like no no not now, I'm at the best part.

    13. That time he danced like no one was watching.

    14. That time he was like why would anybody leave the greatest place on Ooo?

    15. No seriously don't ever wake him up from a nap.

    16. That time he gave his all in the name of high-fiving friendship.

    17. That time he had to just let it all out.

    18. The time he asked if you thought this was a fucking game.

    19. That he time he decided to be supportive even though he knew bad choices were happening.

    20. That time he ~opened his mind~.

    21. That time he marathoned Netflix.

    22. And was then totally overwhelmed by a new fandom.

    23. That time he was like I HAVE THE PERFECT RHYME FOR THIS SITUATION.

    24. That time Jake decided he was good with the one friend he already had.

    25. That time he made bacon pancakes and sang about it.

    26. That time Jake corrected some harsh preconceptions.

    27. That time he was like TELL ME ALL YOUR SECRETS.

    28. That time he really settled in.

    29. That time his mind was blown by science.

    30. That time he was like look at your life, look at your choices.

    31. That time he was vanquished by his enemies.

    32. That time he VANQUISHED HIS ENEMIES.

    33. That time he was completely self-actualized and knew exactly who he was.