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22 Times Hayley Atwell Stole Your Heart


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1. When Hayley kept it as gay as possible.

THANK YOU @HayleyAtwell for making this my best and gayest comic con of the last four years

In this case rts = endorsements.

2. When she melted Chris Evans' heart.

3. With super angsty Steggy fanart.

Find more amazing art from Mawoee here. Also available for purchase here.

4. When she rt'd in support for #DiversifyAgentCarter.

@HayleyAtwell what do you think of #DiversifyAgentCarter?? i would love to see peggy carter and women of colour kicking ass together!

5. And was subsequently humbled.

6. By everyone who considers her a role model.

It's times like these that make me truly humbled. Thank you x

7. When Hayley cried over us just as much as we cry over her.

I have cried 4 times this morning meeting fans of Peggy. I'm truly and deeply moved by their kindness x

From the floor at C2E2.

8. When she had her priorities in order.

Philly is amazing! What a place. I fancy one of those cheesesteak things.


9. When she knew her best angles.

10. And her costar's best angles.

11. No really though, this is the best James D'Arcy's ever looked.

12. When Hayley's selfie game was 💯.

13. When she was proud of her legacy.

Congratulations my friends @AgentsofSHIELD @MingNa @ChloeBennet4 @clarkgregg !!

14. And her family.

Off to LA to see my Marvel family and celebrate the great news. @breadandbutters @MicheleFazekas @louisde2 #countingmyblessings

15. When she was this fan's number one cheerleader.

@PaisleyPauli @breadandbutters congratulations!!! Amazing news! You CAN do anything ! X

16. When she was every fan's number one cheerleader, even if it meant doling out tough love.

@Hayleysaccent absolutely not. You will not fail. If you did, you would get up and try again

17. When Hayley promised the people what they wanted.

I promise lots of silly tweets and on set pranks. I'm going to get you @ChadMMurray and @EnverGjokaj and @dominiccoop be warned!!



19. When she got Lyndsy Fonseca to stan Cartinelli with her.

Thanks @HayleyAtwell for sending me this pic!!! #bestfans #cartinelli #AgentCarter ❤️

20. When she hyped other badass ladies like badass lady that she is.

21. When she shut down haters so hard all you could do is sit there and drink your tea.

@KingBong hahahahha. I was brought up in a Tory lead government you ignoramus. I didn't come from money. I may know more than you think

22. And watch her feed her joy and lifeforce from their manpain.

You da main bae Hayley, never change.


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