This Week On “Parks And Rec”: Dong Swanson

And 16 other delightfully weird revelations about Pawnee. Like Jason Schwartzman in the role he was born to play.

1. Jean Ralphio has a sister.

Mona Lisa, played by Jenny Slate, is a nympho, pyro, klepto who sings and is easily seduced by Tom. But hard pass on Jerry.

2. And has a song to herald her arrivals and departures.

Ben’s face though, omfg.

3. “Lights, Camera, Perd”

“Which is why I give E.T. 1 1/2 stars.” This is how you do performance art.

4. Pawnee still has a video rental store - and it’s art house only.


Where you can only get things like nauseating fishing documentaries. No cartoons. Really just, the role he was born to play.

5. Pawnee also has an open mic slam poetry night!

And Leslie’s actually pretty good. (Jerry diagrees, but he’s wrong as per usual.)

6. Chris Traeger has a favorite Tom Haverford body part.

Tom approves.

7. Uh, this is a thing that happens?

WTF Mona Lisa.

8. April also has a favorite body part - but it’s not on Tom Haverford.

Apparently this is 1/3 of April’s perfect man.

9. Pawnee’s branch of the Liberty Or Die party dresses like this.

Historical business casual.

10. April has watched “Sex And The City” like the rest of us mere mortals.

And yes she totally is a Miranda.

11. This is the most perfect sound in the world.

AKA Ron’s reaction when Leslie’s plan results in the Pawnee government owning a porn rental shop. Almost Jason Schwartzman, almost.

12. Leslie Knope has a doppleganger.

And her name is Brandi Maxxxx. Also apparently you can make a porn in under 24 hours?

13. April knows the lyrics to “Time After Time”.

Again, just like us mere mortals.

14. And singing that song will draw people into the room like beacon.


15. If you let Jerry talk interrupted, this is what happens.

16. April and Anne are…friends?

Excuse me while I feel all the feels of friendship.

17. And finally: DONG. SWANSON.


In “Too Big To Nail”.


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