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    This Guy Played 28 Games Of Scrabble Simultaneously

    And beat the Guinness World Record last week at Oxford University.

    This is Chris May.

    The University of Oxford student is now the Guinness World Record for the most simultaneous games of Scrabble played at one time by an individual.

    Chris played 28 games simultaneously to beat the existing Guinness World Record of 25.

    And his opponents didn't go easy on him - they were from the UK tournament Scrabble community and from the staff and students of Oxford.

    He even raised money for charity while doing it!

    As part of the record attempt, Chris was also raising money for Assisted Reading for Children (ARCh), an Oxfordshire charity that helps children who are experiencing difficulties with reading.

    Congrats Chris! / Via

    He played four hours, roughly around 400 words, 28 opponents, and won 25 out of 28 games for his current world record.

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