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    Nov 5, 2014

    15 Things You'll Only Learn From Reading Fan Fiction


    1. How to back button faster than anyone else on the planet.

    2. Semiprofessional daydreaming.

    3. Crying on command.

    4. How real the struggle is.

    5. How to be open-minded to all the possibilities life has to offer you.

    6. How to lie to yourself convincingly.

    7. The correct way to practice fanon.

    8. The art of the metatag.

    9. A sudden and deep appreciation for people hanging out and eating pancakes on a sleepy Sunday morning.

    10. Another language altogether.

    11. How to dispense justice fairly.


    12. Your own personal Achilles' heel.

    13. How to make friends.

    14. The subtle art of escalation.

    15. The pure and unholy joy of finding a diamond in the rough.

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