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15 Things You Desperately Wish You Could Say IRL

One of these days I will clap back, and I will clap back hard.

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1. When someone starts poppin off on Beyoncé's feminism:

2. When your teachers don't get why you hate them:

3. When your token straight white male friend is like:


4. When you hear someone talking about millennials:

5. When basics basic:

6. When your drunk uncle tries to go in on Thanksgiving:

7. When you hear celeb gossip:


8. When your dash is blowing up:

9. When you're at the pharmacy:

10. When you see any pet that you don't already own:

11. When you out with the squad:


12. When anybody uses the word friendzone:

13. When bitches try and drag your bff:

14. When that one bitch doesn't get Star Wars:

15. When someone fixes their mouth to talk about 'those girls':