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15 Things To Watch On Netflix Instant During Your 420 Festivities

A stoner's guide to classics and hidden gems that can be streamed right now. With bonus food pairings!

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1. If you're in the mood for a childhood classic: Jumanji

Reason to Watch: It's the perfect amount of scary fun, and, ROBIN WILLIAMS.

Pair With: Meat Lover Pizza. As reminder that you are the top of the food chain.

2. If you're in the mood for visually stunning adventures in space and time: Doctor Who (Seasons 5 and 6)

Reason to Watch: Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but Matt Smith as the Doctor guarantees a rollicking adventure in every episode.

Pair With: Jammy Dodgers.

3. If you're in the mood for a terrible romcom from the 90's: She's All That

Reason to Watch: HACKEY SACK SCENE. Also if you need more incentive Usher as the DJ at prom.

Pair With: Longing for 90's Freddie Prince Jr. Also a sheet cake from Cosco that hopefully says Congrats Graduate!

4. If you're in the mood for conspiracy theories in a trippy animated package: Adventure Time

Reason to Watch: It's about a boy and his brother/dog adventuring through a candy coated post-apocalyptic wasteland. Sometimes they're girls though.

Pair With: Bacon pancakes.

5. If you're in the mood for an inexplicably underrated Disney movie: Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Reason to Watch: Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) voices the protagonist, and he's perfectly dorky and charming.

Pair With: Delivery from that one restaurant you were never brave enough to try.

6. If you're in the mood for fast paced stand up comedy: Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words

Reason to Watch: There will a confetti break.

Pair With: Anything you would eat copious amounts of in a dorm room.

7. If you're in the mood for a great 90's romcom: Clueless

Reason to Watch: So you can sing along to "Rolling With The Homies".

Pair With: Smoothies. Who are we kidding, milkshakes.

8. If you're in the mood to watch other high people: Half Baked

Reason to Watch: DAVE. CHAPPELLE. Also acceptable Chappelle Show.

Pair With: Ben & Jerry's Half Baked ice cream.

9. If you're in the mood for white kids: Whitest Kids U' Know

Reason to Watch: What if the Civil War had been fought over drugs?

Pair With: All American apple pie.

10. If you're in the mood for buddy cop banter: Bad Boys, Bad Boys II

Reason to Watch: Because shit will get real.

Pair With: Donuts. All of them.

11. If you're in the mood to absorb knowledge: TEDTalks: Space Trek

Reason to Watch: SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE. It's like Cosmos but prettier.

Pair With: Dippin Dots. Acceptable substitution: Rocket Pops.

12. If you're in the mood for a mystery you'll never solve: Twin Peaks

Reason to Watch: LOG LADY.

Pair With: Whatever's in the fridge that's covered in saran wrap.

13. If you're in the mood for something shaken not stirred: Dr. No, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice

Reason to Watch: Badass Sean Connery being badass. There's several more recent era Bond movies streaming as well.

Pair With: Only vodka martinis. Get that crossfade going.

14. If you're in the mood for crazy Nic Cage: Face Off

Reason to Watch: Crazy. Nic. Cage. Faceswap. With. John. Travolta. Also acceptable, Season of the Witch.

Pair With: Two different flavors of Oreos so you can mix and match.

15. If you're in the mood for everything and can't decide: MAD

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Reason to Watch: Buffy hates Edward and Bella as much as you do.

Pair With: All of the cereal you own mixed together in one bowl.

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