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    19 Things That You'll Never See The Same Way Again

    This is what fandom does to your life.

    1. This GIF of T.Swift.

    2. Gorgeous statuary.

    3. Botched gymnastics.

    4. SNAKES*

    I see you Nagini. *This snake did not actually eat a person.

    5. Connecticut state laws.

    6. Graphic tees.

    7. Rainbows.

    TO ASGARD!!!

    8. Moose. That knock politely on the door after the police have just left.

    9. Eggs over easy.

    10. Emergency glitter.

    Hannah Walker

    11. Bonfires.

    12. Beauty products.

    13. Stairs.

    14. The word okay.

    15. Helpful signs.

    16. Adorably falling penguins.

    17. Eyeballs.

    18. Water.

    19. The kind act of book lending.

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