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17 Things That All New Yorkers Fear

Hearing the phrase, "Excuse me do you have a minute for..."

1. Being on this rush-hour train.

2. Getting food poisoning from the hunk of meat that's been roasting all day.

Halal carts: So delicious yet so suspicious.

3. This metal death trap, aka the fire escape.

4. Getting sidewalk-trapped by this children/animals/environmental volunteer gauntlet.

Flickr: yourdon

"Excuse me, do you have a minute for..."

5. Losing an eye every time it rains.

6. Having a sidewalk cellar door buckle under you while walking.

7. Delivery guys that are way too intense.

Stay off the sidewalks, bro.

8. Walking under this rickety piece of shit while it's being built.

9. The world's largest store.

AKA the Macy's on 34th St.

10. Cabbies who drive like they're in "The Fast and the Furious."

11. Their personal trainer.!/gallery

This is from the David Barton Gym on Astor Place. Equal parts terrifying and confusing.

12. Walking over subway grates.

Sometimes it's a two-foot drop, other times it's a two-story drop.

13. Death by waiting in line.

The line for Shakespeare in the Park tickets.

14. That someone's going to steal your brunch table after you waited outside for 45 minutes.

15. That their favorite bar will suddenly one day without warning become:


17. Times Square.

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