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13 Things Only Gamer Girls Know To Be True

Can I live bruh?

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1. Sometimes being honest about who you are is too exhausting.

2. For some reason you're interchangeable with every other girl that gamers have ever met.

3. Everyone expects you to have Lara Croft's tits.

4. The questions literally never end.

5. To the point where you're like, damn, can you get off my dick so I can play the game?

6. And for some reason the game doesn't even count unless you can rack up a body count.

7. When people think they know you after finding out one thing about you.

8. No really though.

9. There's really never a neutral reaction.

10. For some reason people think this is acceptable behavior.

11. Until they realize revenge is a dish best served cold.

12. Nobody actually wants to nerd out over video games with you.

13. But mostly, nobody stops to think about why you would need to impress guys.

You don't. The answer is you just don't.

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