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25 Things John Candy Is The King Of

We don't need a reason to discuss why John Candy is the King. Just bow to his greatness.

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1. National Pancake Day

2. Placing his hands appropriately.

3. Telling the haters to fuck off (in a nice way).

4. Sounding majestic with fur glued onto his face.

5. Singing dirty ditties.

6. Wearing workout clothes while not working out.

7. Providing the ultimate photobomb opportunity.

8. Being young and handsome with Bill Murray.

9. Being Divine.

10. Rocking a badass pompadour.

11. (Attempted) crowd surfing.

12. Fucking up clowns.

13. Using tiny urinals.

14. Beards.

15. Laughing manically.

16. Sexy congo-ing

17. Flirty pageant waving.

18. Air keyboarding.

19. Offering (non-threatening) rides to women.

20. Inspiring four Jamaican dudes to the pinnacle of Olympic greatness.

21. Ordering fancy drinks.

22. Mud wrestling.

23. Keeping calm.

24. Rocking a smoking jacket.

25. Being the most beloved figure of your childhood.

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