The Handiest iPhone Case In The World

The ReadyCase has everything from a bottle opener to an integrated 16GB USB.

The geniuses behind ReadyCase pulled out all the stops when designing this amazing, goodie filled, yet incredibly slim iPhone case. It includes:

2. Multitool

Standard blade, serrated blade, flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, and comes in badass (black) or more badass (silver).

3. 8GB or 16GB Integrated USB

If you’re someone who has lost countless USBs like me, this is pretty much the perfect solution. ALL OF THE FILES ARE FOR YOU.

4. Portrait and Landscape Kickstands

For all your Youtube/Netflix/Hulu streaming needs.

5. Headphone Clip

This simple solution would have probably saved at least three pairs of my headphones from total destruction.

6. Integrated Lens Ring

For all you budding Instagramers out there! Ships with 3 lenses: a macro, fish eye, and wide angle lens.

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