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The "Big Hero 6" Cast Tells Us What It Takes To Be A Disney Hero

You think you got what it takes?

TJ Miller: "It takes sort of being able to rise to a challenge, try something new and put yourself out there, kinda take a huge risk."

Jamie Chung: "Selfless, humble, with a lot of heart."

Genesis Rodriguez: "And some heroes sing! Actually TJ has a little solo, he totally stole the show." / Via Disney

Stick around through the credits to hear TJ's improvised song!

Scott Adsit: "I don't know if Baymax is a true Disney hero because he didn't have any parents die, so maybe like a TRS-80 passed away in his past. But uh, I think you need to be true to yourself, be true to others, and let your conscience be your guide."

Ryan Potter: "These people have to have really strong resolve. You know, even if they're a villain all these characters have amazing resolve, they don't give up. When you set your mind to something, you gotta do it."


Don Hall (Director): "The heart of any hero is selflessness, and in our movie it's epitomized by Tadashi, Hiro's brother and his creation Baymax. I guess that for me is what makes the perfect hero, Disney or otherwise." / Via Disney

Big Hero 6 opens November 7th, 2014.

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