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The 12 Most Uncomfortable Moments From Jess And Nick's First Date

We knew this wouldn't be easy. Spoilers for this week's New Girl.

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6. That moment when Jess does a Nick gargling beer impression.

After they ditch the non-date dinner and move onto to drinks as friends, all of a sudden they can't stop talking about what turns them on. Jess is apparently attracted to beer gargling? An Nick likes it when she can't open jars?

7. That moment when they try to hijack their table back from Jess's ex.

Because they had given up the table along with the non-date. And then during the flirty just friends drinks, Jess asked Nick out on date. To dinner. Coherently.


9. And then challenges Jess and Nick to figure out what they mean to other.

Write down how you feel about each other he said, it'll be fun he said. AND THEN RUSSELL HAS THIS TERRIFYING REACTION.

Also know as: That awkward moment where you realize the person you might possibly be hopelessly in love with is not on the same page as you.