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    21 Surefire Ways To Judge A Person's Character

    Real (Tumblr) talk.

    1. By how excited they are to shed the shackles of polite society.

    2. By whether they can enjoy the quiet moments in life.

    3. By how open they are to love.

    4. Or just open-minded in general.

    5. By whether they'll stick by you through anything.

    6. By how they feel about the underdogs.

    7. By how accurate and attuned their street smarts are.

    8. By how adorable they think your pets are.

    9. By whether or not they follow through.

    10. By whether they really reach beyond expectations.

    11. Do they give you a new outlook on life?

    12. And always seem to have the right answer?

    13. By the entertainment value of their Instagram.

    14. By how well they deal with change.

    15. By their appreciation of physical beauty.

    16. By how well prepared they are for any contingency.

    17. By whether or not they ask the important questions.

    18. Or just in general, their level of basic intelligence.

    19. By their criminal aspirations.

    20. By how easily they can put a smile on your face.