8 Super Cute Collapsable Dimensions

Creative storage solution can be totally chic.

1. Need a place to store old family heirlooms?

Try your nanny’s vintage carpet bag! It’s super classy and has enough space to furnish a home.

2. Maybe you’d like to sort AND store simultaneously?

Seven locks = seven dimensions of storage! You really can’t go wrong a classic weathered traveling trunk at the foot of your bed.

3. How about a vault for that private art collection?

With an outdoor dog house you get a perfectly disguised super secure vault, and enough room for a private gallery to invite all your friends to!

4. Perhaps you’re an urban city dweller who just needs some extra room for your pets to run wild?

A classic trash can is the way to go - can comfortably house a herd of elephants while creating a nostalgic vibe in any room.

5. Need a flawless evening look?

Try a super chic beaded bag, it’ll look like you’re carrying nothing when really you have at least four other outfits plus accessories inside.

6. Under 21 and trying to sneak into bar?

A trendy subspace suitcase is the way to go. Of course you’ll need a friend who’s over 21 to wear the bag in, but it’s got plenty of room for you and your friends to hang out and pregame in.

7. Are you in desperate need for a staycation?

Just pop open an ever expanding tent and camp out in your own living room! Great for families and groups of seven or more.

8. And for those of you in need of mobile storage?

Seemingly innocuous, a vintage police box can travel through both time and space and fit 12 full dimensions! Super retro chic.

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