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15 Struggles Only Sarcastic People Know To Be True

*insert exaggerated eye roll here*

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1. When you have to spell out the fact the RTs =/= endorsments.

It's 2015. We know.

2. When you realize you have nothing left to say.

3. When you realize you are a product of your environment.

4. When you find a diamond in the rough.

5. When you're trying to make friends.

6. When you have to translate your sarcasm into the 21st century.

7. When you get lost in a house of cards of your own making.

8. When you realize that these hoes ain't loyal.

9. When you remember where you came from.

10. When you've perfected this balancing act.

11. When you realize that no one sees the real you.

12. When you know you're playing the most dangerous game, but you play it anyway.

13. When sarcasm is the only thing that keeps you sane.

14. When you can't enjoy Applebee's.

15. When you are your own self destructing prophecy.

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