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    15 Straight White Boys Who Don't Know What LOL Means

    Are you Laughing Out Loud about how gross you are? Because I am.

    1. This blasphemer:

    The LOL-terpretation: "I'm just so horny right now (with the) Light Of Lord"

    2. This guy who thinks creepy and fun are synonyms:

    The LOL-terpretation: "...i know that sounds creepy...i think its just fun Like On Live (cams except this is is cheaper for me cause Skype is free)"

    3. This sailboat owner:

    The LOL-terpretation: "Wanna see some abs? (They'll be phenomenal cause I'm) Living On Largely (the power of Photoshop) ;)"

    4. This guy who can't take a joke:

    The LOL-terpretation: "Really? (I was) Left Out (of) Learning (opportunities that would have prevented me from asking a stranger about anal)"

    5. The future Mr. Clean:

    The LOL-terpretation:"Mmm I'm so hard (for the way you) Linger On Lime (scale buildup when you clean your shower)"

    6. This morning person:

    The LOL-terpretation: "Good cause I'm just waking up and you know what that means Lilliputian On (top of chronically being) Limp"

    7. This scientist:

    The LOL-terpretation: "So are you a virgin? Leave (it to me) Official (virgin expert to) Logically (use science to deduce that) you act like one"

    8. This social media addict:

    The LOL-terpretation: "Hey I can see u liked me snapchat (of) Liza (Minelli's) Ostentatious Lucille (2 Halloween costume)"

    9. This Honors student:

    The LOL-terpretation: "do u have a boy friend just woundering Legitimately (your) Opinion (on what I could do to) Lure (one of my own)"

    10. This future nurse:

    The LOL-terpretation: "its not like were gonna be doing naughty things Like (eating fresh) Oven (baked) Lasagna...or would we j/k"

    11. This master of segues:

    The LOL-terpretation: "I am a sexual person Like Our (16th President Babraham) Lincoln are you"

    12. This guy looking for the One:

    The LOL-terpretation: "Love how you ignored my comment of your turning me on Like (all) Other Ladies (on Tinder)"

    13. This guy who just needs a quick favor:

    The LOL-terpretation: "Okay. Me sad. Could you consider it a favor? Looking (at my dick is) Often (a hardship for most) Lizards (and people)"

    14. This guy who is all about the hard sell:

    The LOL-terpretation: "I'm good. Horny ;) Largely (because of sexual fanart) Of (The) Lion (King that I just googled). You?"

    15. Your Maintenance man:

    The LOL-terpretation: "At least it wasn't my face or worse yet my penis (because I tried) Lighting (it) On (fire before, and it was) Legit (what I imagine being texted by a straight white boy feels like)"