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    So Yesterday Misha Collins Gave Out His Number On Twitter

    Because he was taking Twitter questions about GISHWHES and "typing is too tedious. I feel i could be much more efficient on the phone."

    It all started with an innocuous tweet about GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen).

    But then *Misha took it to the next level.

    Twitter: @mishacollins

    *For the record: This was not his personal number, most people theorized that it was a temporary Google Voice or Skype number set up specifically for him to field calls related to GISHWHES. It's also sadly disconnected now.

    The response was overwhelming, most of the calls going to voicemail.

    (Here's the most incredible voicemail in the world.)


    But the lucky few who allegedly got to talk/text him got some very high quality convo:

    Basically the only way for Misha to top himself now is:

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