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So There's A New Original Character In "Mockingjay"

His name is Antonius, let's gossip about him like the perfect Capitol citizens we are. SPOILER ALERT for Mockingjay's ending in case you haven't read the books.

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Most Likely: Peeta and Johanna's torturer and President Snow's minion.

Now that Plutarch defected (and Seneca Crane's been berry-ed) President Snow needs a new friend, confidant, and partner in horrific-genocidal crime, and Robert Knepper's perfect crazy eyes make him the No. 1 candidate. Also as my astute colleague Ellie pointed out, "I mean, President Snow's first name is Coriolanus. This dude's Antonius." They're clearly evil besties that are meant to be.

Sorta Likely: Gale's supervising officer and President Alma Coin's minion.

Look, being president is lonely and even leaders of the "free" world need friends. Also the heart-rending realization that Prim most likely died because of Gale is an emotional tangle that Knepper's new character could help unravel. Gale's character arc and development happens mostly offscreen/page in this series, and giving him someone to talk to that's not Katniss could really help flesh him out onscreen. Give us a Gale a to root for (b/c REVOLUTION) and subsequently mourn when Knepper's character poisons his mind and leads him astray in regards to what war really costs.

Less Likely: A newscaster (aka the "serious" Caesar Flickerman) who tells us the story of District 13.

Maybe in a flashback sequence, or perchance in a great scene where President Coin breaks down how wrong the newscast is to Katniss. It'd be fascinating to see how a country that thinks killing children is fun reports "serious" news like civil war and actual genocide.

Totally Not Happening, but Wouldn't It Be Nice: Effie Trinket's one true love

Knepper plays a furniture designer that not only secret designs weapons for District 13 but frees her from the Capitol prison where she's being held and they live happily ever after with only the finest things in life: aka all mahogany all the time.

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