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23 Signs You've Been On Tumblr Too Long

Remember just a few precious years ago when you were like, oh cool new blogging platform bruh!

1. You realize that you've made all the wrong choices.

2. You don't even recognize your own friends.

3. You're ready to ascend.

4. You've realized you're part of the problem.

5. And you're considering taking life advice (and health insurance) from a restaurant.

6. u find urself havin to explain to the olds

7. Over, and over, and over again.

8. You have a clear understanding of your personal brand.

9. You except villains of a certain class.

10. Every so often you think, hmm maybe I should get back to work, and then just continue to scroll.

11. You know how to ask the tough questions.

12. And lobby for important issues of our time.

13. You learned how to deal with constantly being judged.

14. And in fact, revel in being "that person".

15. Because lbr, we're all that person.

16. You sometimes wonder why you even bothered to go class when tumblr takes you to school every day.

17. Your role models have everyone in your life praying for you.

18. When they really should be praying for themselves.

19. And even when there's a moment where you feel like you're managing your tumblr addiction well.

20. You quickly realize you're just as trash as everybody else on this godforsaken website.

21. No seriously.

22. But there's diamonds in every rough.

23. So even though you came for the shade, you can't help spend all your time smiling.

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