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19 Signs You're The Next Supreme

Why can't I just rule the world like Jessica Lange? Spoilers for the most recent episode of American Horror Story.

1. You have really appropriate reactions to things.

2. This your opinion of everyone who's not on your level.

3. You have exactly one black frenemy.

4. You enjoy getting your hands dirty.

5. You're really good at finding your zen center in times of crisis.

6. You can rock literally any piece of fashion, even ones that should be left in the dark ages.

7. You probably have a loyal minion that you taunt lovingly (minus the lovingly part).

8. You have a favorite color. It's not very colorful.

9. The only thing you need to do to get what you want is flick your wrist.

10. You might be attracted to psychopaths. Bonus points if they're into jazz.

11. And you've been known to make out with demon spirits from time to time.

12. You've only ever made one threat in your life because you've only ever needed to make one.

13. Stevie Nicks makes you really emotional.

14. Your favorite people to murder are innocents.

15. Or people you really respect.

16. You're a great liar.

17. You have a deep interest in fire prevention.

18. But on the other hand, this looks like a great party to you.

19. And don't worry, even if you fuck up as Supreme, there's still hope for you in the afterlife.