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19 Signs Your Best Friend Might Be A Serial Killer

*cough Hannibal Lecter cough*

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1. Miley Cyrus is their anthem.

2. They always drag you to the buffet table first when you go to a party.

3. They're always pretentiously showing off their expensive hobbies.

4. When they look deep into your eyes it's always for about ten seconds too long.

6. Time flies when the two of you are having fun.

7. They know your breakfast order by heart.

8. Sometimes they like to disappear into the shadows and brood.

9. They literally can't hear the haters.

10. They get really competitive about Jenga.

11. They're ridiculously old fashioned and refuse to google things on their smartphones.

12. They have no concept of personal space.

14. And look upsettingly good in flower crowns.

15. They always have a weird herbal remedy ready to go for when you're sick.

16. They always have the right pep talk for hunting season.

17. They'd rather die than live without bacon.

18. They've always been a head-turner.

19. And oh yeah, they EAT PEOPLE.

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