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31 Signs Eleven Is Your Doctor

You love all the Doctors, but you'll miss Matt Smith's escapades the most.

1. You know this to be true.

And that's not the only thing he made cool.

2. "Space Gandalf" is the highest compliment you can pay someone.

3. Or maybe this is.

4. 1969 is your idea of a perfect family vacation.

5. The Lodger is the episode you've seen the most because of reasons.

6. This is your favorite place in the universe.

Actually, it might be in the swing seat underneath the control panel.

7. You call the TARDIS by her proper name.

8. You think nose boops are an appropriate way to flirt.

9. And you've asked someone out for texting and scones before.

10. This your version of a sock on the doorknob.

11. You love ruining a good bachelor party.

12. This particular color green warms your heart.

13. This is the most accurate GIF set you've ever seen in your life.

14. You'd never not mention that Eleven was hot.

15. You reblogged this on your tumblr to ensure that your soul wouldn't be uploaded to the wifi.

16. You talk out loud to yourself frequently.

17. You can't resist a good high five.

18. Or an opportunity for a classy European greeting.

19. The word raggedy always make you tear up a little.

20. Your weapon of choice is a cookie.

21. The only thing that terrifies you more than this...

22. this.

23. But you know who the true enemy has been all along.

24. You're really into things that are almost impossible.

25. You have an inexplicable love for all things Roman.

26. Vincent Van Gogh is your favorite painter of all time.

27. You sit on every chair as if it's a throne.

28. You're fluent in baby.

29. You understand the phrase "cosmic 9 year old".

30. This is how you psych yourself up in the mirror.

31. You know that we're all just stories in the end...

...and that's really okay, as long as you make it a good one.

Thank you Matt Smith for all these great adventures, you will be sorely missed.

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