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Rihanna Just Gave Fannibals The Series Finale Of "Hannibal" We Deserve

YAAASSSSSS RIRI U THE MAIN MURDERER NOW. The music video for "Bitch Betta Have My Money" is basically the perfect Hannibal fanfic.

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So you may have watched a little music video this morning called "Bitch Betta Have My Money".


So let us join her on the emotional journey that is the Hannibal fanfic that Fannibals need, nay, deserve.

But what Hannibal doesn't know, doesn't even deign to entertain is the thought that others have designs for him as well. The people he's wronged are countless, and Bedelia knows his hubris will be his downfall.


In fact he's so enraptured with himself that he doesn't even recognize the rough, rude and arrogant amateur he's chosen to play patsy to Bedelia's murder. Her name is Rihanna. You killed her father Hannibal, prepare to die.

I assume that's why Rihanna's so good at professional murder, she learned from the best as she hid in her childhood home from a horrific man with antlers who held her father in his arms as he bled out on their Persian rug. She knew that she would have to become him to best him. She knew one day she would repay him with his own blood.

The initial kidnapping goes as planned, Hannibal doesn't suspect that these four women (of course Rihanna has her own Will Grahams) might have a common enemy.

The betrayal begins. They burn the getaway car, all evidence, and the phone that Rihanna uses to contact her contract.

Hannibal worries. He knows something is wrong but he can't tell if it worked out in his favor. Are all his loose ends are dead, or is he being played? He's intrigued and confident that he can still win this game.


RiRi can't help herself though, and leaves a message for Hannibal. Bedelia's upset, she knows how ruthlessly Hannibal will manipulate any advantage.

Will he finally succeed in seducing Will Graham to the dark side? Will there be two killers awaiting our fearsome queens?