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    Updated on Oct 25, 2018. Posted on Feb 4, 2014

    22 Reasons Why Thor Is The Most Underrated Avenger

    Giant golden puppy god alert.

    1. He's always in a gaming mood.

    2. Because he understands the need to sometimes just yell senselessly into the mirror.

    3. He always has the right answer.

    4. He's a very considerate house guest.


    6. He's not above asking for directions.

    7. Because when he asks how you're doing he really means it.

    8. He can out Superman Superman.

    *fly as fuck*

    9. But he also does very convincing impression of a big space puppy.

    10. He has his priorities in check.

    11. He's the only Avenger who looks good in falsified documents.

    12. He comes with the best sound effects.

    13. He keeps it real.

    14. Because his 'I'm fallin to my death face" is better than yours.

    15. He's extremely humble and knows when to admit defeat.

    16. But also has mastered the art of the humblebrag.

    17. Because he honors his ancestors.

    18. He never turns the other cheek.


    19. Because not even Tony Stark could make a hospital gown look this good.

    20. Or the.....pouring.........rain...............

    21. Because his battlecry is more 1000000% more adorable than yours.

    22. Because he doth makes his mother's drapes WORK.

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