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    Jun 20, 2014

    17 Reasons Why The Men Of Tumblr Are The Best


    1. Because they ask the tough questions.

    2. Because they always indulge our curiosity.

    3. Because their #tbt is better than yours.

    4. Because they're man enough to admit who run the world. It's Bey.

    5. Because they can't resist a double dog dare.

    6. Because they're really just here to nurture you.

    7. Because they're all about open lines of communication.

    8. Because they appreciate true love.

    9. Because they're not into gender roles, just into friendship.

    10. Because bulldozers make for the best pranks.

    11. Because their medical advice for splinters is a good buddy cop comedy.

    12. Because they're men of their word.

    13. Because they're risk takers.

    14. Because they're prepared for the darkest of days.

    15. Because they know when to roll up the partition (on haters).

    16. Because they have super relatable problems.

    17. But mostly because they're on your level.

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