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18 Reasons Why Friendship Breakups Are The Worst Kind Of Breakups

This is true pain.

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1. Because you instinctually gravitate toward your former bff.

2. Because no matter what, you'll always want them to be OK.

3. Because the hole they leave in your life is bigger than any man could ever inflict.

4. Because it's infuriating that this fight is the one thing you can't talk about with them.

5. Because you might lose all your other friends too.

6. Because four years deserves more than a text.

7. Because deleting evidence of them from your life literally cuts YEARS from you.

8. Because friend betrayal cuts the deepest.

9. Because it's the hardest thing you'll ever experience.

10. Because no amount of alcohol will soothe you.

11. Because you should never have to choose between these two things.

12. Because you'll hang on to it much, much longer than you should.

13. Because losing a best friend will make you question everyone's motives all the time.

14. Because you feel like you're missing something for a long time before you heal.

15. Because unlike a boyfriend, you'll probably run into them again.

16. Because you'd be there for them in a heartbeat if they needed you.

17. Because it'll make you question everything.

18. Because when it was the best of times, it really was the best of times.

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