19 Reasons Thranduil Is The Real Star Of "The Desolation Of Smaug"


1. Because jfc look at him.

2. Because he doesn’t need a crown to command a room.

3. Because he didn’t start shit, but he sure as Mordor will finish it.

4. Because lol elf jokes.

5. Because elf on an elk.

Art by Gingerhaze.

6. Because when he’s instilling the fear of elves into some poor soul he’s still smiting hearts left and right.

7. Because he’s humble and totes shy underneath it all.

8. Because he’s the only one that can control Legolas’s derp.

9. Because deleted scenes.

10. Because he literally has no time for your shit and he’s immortal.

11. Because Thranduil is us, we are Thranduil.

12. Because he overcomes his prejudices and can find a reason to be thankful for the dwarves.

13. Because no one sits on a throne like him. Everything the light AND shadow touches is his dominion.

New Line Cinema

14. Because he’s a totally amazing dad who looks out for his precious bb boi.

lol j/k

15. Because he’s been officially rated a 9.5 by all of Middle Earth.

16. Because CLOAK.

New Line Cinema


17. Because he settles his conflicts with alcohol.

Art by Gingerhaze.

18. Because Lee Pace, the actor who plays Thranduil is perfect and that makes Thranduil perfect.

Yes he’s talking about Thorin. Yes we agree.

19. And finally, just so we’re all on the same page here:


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