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18 Reasons Group Projects Are True Hell

What hath God wrought?

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1. Because one drunk asshole thinks they know better than everyone else.

2. And people think this is a democracy.

3. Because any time you decide to ~trust~ others, you're ultimately betrayed in the end.

4. Because you'll be carrying tons of dead weight.

5. And that dead weight will test you every step of the way.

6. Because everyone else thinks they the king, but they better sit back and watch the queen conquer.

7. But when people try and take advantage of that, YOU WILL CLAP BACK.

8. Because no one has common decency anymore.

9. And cannot keep their private shit private.

10. Because them basic bitches think this shit is optional, AS IF YOU WOULD HAVE CHOSEN THIS HORRIBLE LIFE.

11. Because this is literally the only pro to group projects, and you'll probably break up because you fought over the fucking group project.

12. Because this is the realest shit.

13. And the only thing you can feel after it's over is cold hard rage.

14. Because teachers set this whole system up for failure.

15. And it leaves you investing all your time into getting revenge.

16. Sometimes you even set yourself on fire to do it.

17. Because karma is a real thing, and group projects come back to us all.

18. Because group projects will literally kill you.

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