Pixar’s "Monsters University" Has The Most Adorable Website Ever

I’m totally applying to the School of Liberal Arts and Monstrosities grad program.

1. OMG U GUISE - Pixar launched a fully functional “Monsters University” website.

2. Where you’ll soon be able to enroll in this hallowed hall of learning.

3. Which provides a wide array of academic pursuits.

School of Scaring? Hell yes!

4. On par with the finest universities in the world.

Guttural Affectations sounds like a fun elective.

5. The professors all seem really intense.

6. But their students all seem to love the challenge.

7. But what about campus life?

8. You can always pledge a fraternity or sorority.

There are plenty on campus after all.

9. There’s also a million clubs.

Like Yoga Club.

10. The best one is, of course, The Smile Club!

This guy has some work to do.

11. And of course, the extra-extra circular activities students partake in.

12. TL;DR: I wish I was this guy.

13. So I could be here all day.

14. And do this.

15. And this.

16. And hang out with these guys.

17. But seeing as I’m real and not a CGI monster, I’ll just have to content myself with this.

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