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11 Pieces Of Life-Giving Advice From The Women Of Marvel

So you wanna work at Marvel? Your favorite writers, artists, editors, and more slayed at the Women of Marvel panel at NYCC this year.

1. "Just start. Start making comics. Find your community. Be brave. We need your voices." - Kelly Sue DeConnick


Never doubt that you have something interesting to say, keep writing until the words on the page are as good as the idea in your head.

2. "Sometimes just saying it out loud...I said it, it's hard." - Jeanine Schaefer


Getting discouraged and feeling like you want to give up is totally okay, just take a moment, reread your favorite comics, and you'll remember why you want to do this.

3. "This isn't the only industry with sexism. I challenge you to fight." - Kelly Sue DeConnick


Sometimes switching to an industry that seems more welcoming to women might seem tempting, but the truth is there's sexism everywhere. You might as well be doing something you love to ease the burden of having to fight against it.

4. "I used to work in video games, and people would say ‘Hey there’s a stripper here!' The women's restroom was my personal office. Call them out for calling you a stripper and move on." - Margaret Stohl


Challenge the fuck out of people.

5. "You fight because you have to and we need you. Don't let them win." - Katie Kubert


The higher ups are looking for us, for new talented female creatives, for fresh voices. Keep working and always have something (web comic, portfolio, spec script, etc) to show someone if they ask.

6. "If you're down, take a mental picture of this room, this table - screw them!" - Sana Amanat

7. "I use to know all the women in the Big Two, I don't anymore and that's amazing." - Kelly Sue DeConnick


Strength in numbers, we make it together, or not at all.

8. "Don't stop asking us, keep on us, and we can give you what you want." - Jeanine Schafer


Our voices matter, and the more we ask for diversity in comics, the more opportunities to add diversity will be given.

9. "Give your books to your friends...these books 10 years ago would have failed, and their success is all thanks to you guys." - G. Willow Wilson


Comics are for everyone, it's never too late to start reading them or creating them.

10. "We have a lot of younger teens reading online. With the YA stuff, Marvel is hardcore about it, it's not watered down." - Margaret Stohl


The more women that are reading comics, the more women we'll see in comics.

11. "The art of learning to'll think of something on the last page that will change your life." - Margaret Stohl


Even if what you're writing sucks, the only way to get better is to keep writing. The only way forward is through.

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