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    27 People You Wish Were Your Best Friend

    If only...

    1. That one Muppet who parties hard.

    2. MC Donald.

    3. This vigilante.

    4. This groundbreaking scientist.

    5. This guy who made water sports classy again.

    6. The perfect Leelo cosplayer.

    Look at those chill fucking flipflops. Look at them.

    7. Beyonce.

    8. THIS BABY.

    Bow down to this amazing fortress of Jurassic Park VHSs.

    9. This high-rollin low rida.

    10. This guy who just can't contain his excitement.

    11. These Russian spies.

    12. This average Joe who is flying coach.

    13. This woman with FOOTHANDS.

    14. This woman who has her priorities straight.


    15. This horse who has an inside hooman.

    16. Whoever's making this version of Les Miserables.

    17. This person who solved one of the greatest mysteries known to man.

    18. This lucky bastard.

    19. This master of disguise.

    20. This person who has invested in a wearable hummingbird feeder.

    21. Whoever is the reason behind why this has to be rule.

    22. This tomato who's locally grown.

    Just a train ride away!

    23. This owner of the most metal house slippers ever crocheted.

    24. This wizard of train travel.

    25. This merry band of Spider-men.

    26. GHOST RIDER!!!

    27. The perfect wedding guest.

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