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    21 People Who Deserve All The Awards

    Gold stars for everybody.

    1. Newcastle International Airport workers on Facebook.

    2. Whoever picks out Jay Gatsby's mood music.

    Current Emotion: Needs more flowers.

    3. This convention of Heisenbergs.

    4. This amazing first responder who probably saved his roommate's life.

    5. The person who redefined money trap.

    6. This person who figured out how to makes toes sexy.

    Or, conversely how to make boobs unsexy.

    7. This YouTube commenter who really nails the complexities of time travel.

    8. This efficient organized worker.

    9. The most polite Jedi knight of all time.

    10. This future thrifty supervillian.

    11. The person who understood the true meaning of Spongebob.

    12. This sandwich board with precog abilities.

    13. This Tom Hiddleston impersonator.

    14. This Tumblr user who calls it like they see it.

    15. The maker of the best mix CD to ever exist.

    16. Your friendly neighborhood spiderman.

    17. The inventor of cat Jenga.

    18. The creators of the only Rube Goldberg machine that matters.

    19. The man who offered this cat the opportunity to boldly go where no cat had gone before.

    20. This beautiful lady who wants to let her ugly face shine (in a Best Buy).

    21. This pizza parlor who decided everyone was getting a free puppy with their order!