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21 Things Only Actual Fairies Understand

*orders a side of murder*

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1. A little casual murder.

2. Artistic murder.

3. Murder with a smile.

4. Toying with your prey before some light murder.


5. Collecting trophies of murder.

6. Draconian trial by murder.

7. Drunk in murder.

8. Murder by worst nightmare.


9. Trading potatoes for murder and then getting to keep the potatoes and also still murder.

10. Enjoying murder with a light pre-murder murder.

11. Wholesale murder.

12. Feelin your look while murdering.


13. Announcing plans to murder and having all your friends cheer your murderous ambitions.

14. Using whoever you need to in order to murder.

15. Interdimensional murder.

16. Getting a pet that's as good at murder as you are.


17. Making your own murder trophies when your accomplishments are overlooked by the Committee For Outstanding Murderers.

18. Stopping to smell the murder.

19. Lifehacking your bountiful murder.

20. Erecting a monument to murder.

21. Straight up murder.