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How Well Do You Know "Bridget Jones' Diary"?

Note: This quiz not just for Smug Marrieds.

  1. 1. What party did Bridget wear this outfit to?

  2. 2. Where did Bridget first meet Mark Darcy?

  3. 3. Who is this (cough evil bitch cough)?

  4. 4. What starts the flirtation between Daniel Cleaver and Bridget?

  5. 5. What is Bridget's friend Tom famous for?

  6. 6. When Bridget Introduces her boss at the launch party for "Kafka's Motorbike", what does she almost call him?

  7. 7. Who's the man that Bridget's Mum leaves her Dad for?

  8. 8. Who's responsible for most the emotional fuckwittage in this movie?

  9. 9. Where did Bridget and Daniel go on mini-holiday?

  10. 10. Bridget quit her job at publishing house because she landed which new job?

  11. 11. What does Mark Darcy make to save Bridget's birthday dinner after she accidentally makes blue soup?

  12. 12. What does Bridget forget when she runs after Mark Darcy in the snow?

  13. 13. Which of the following was a tragic casualty in the epic fight between Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver?

  14. 14. Which one of these authors didn't have a cameo?

  15. 15. Who else accidentally accidentally dresses for the cancelled Tarts and Vicars party?

  16. 16. How does Bridget dream of introducing Perpetua, her immediate boss, to Mark Darcy?

  17. 17. How does mark Darcy first confess his feelings to Bridget?

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