33 "Horrorscopes" That Will Ruin Your Life

Meet your new favorite tumblr.

1. For anybody looking for an excuse:

2. For people with clear goals:

3. For people dozing in class:

4. For people really concerned about their green footprint:

5. For people who really need a rewarding day:

6. For literally everyone everywhere:

7. For all the bubble boys and girls in the world:

8. For Scorpios looking for Scorpios:

9. For those who’ve been waiting for the signal:

10. For people who are plotting futile revenge:

12. For those looking to give back:

15. For people looking for second opinion:

17. For the meek inheriting the earth:

19. For those who plan to eat the rude:

21. For Pisces who just need to get a grip:

22. For fictional characters:

23. For those in relationships with Cancers:

24. For Cancers who can’t figure out why they keep getting dumped:

25. For anyone going to a family reunion soon:

27. For those who like having options:

29. For those who just need to feel better:

31. For people who are super into Kool Aid:

33. For ………………………….

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