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16 Heartwarming GIF Sets Of Disneyland That Will Transport You To The '60s

I want to time travel to there.

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1. Walt Disney adorably failing to cut a ribbon at the opening of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

2. The Disney-Alweg monorail.

3. The double-decker (!!!) horse and carriage ride down Main St.

4. The (semi-terrifying) Winnie the Pooh parade.

5. Fantasy on Parade.

6. The Peter Pan float, which includes a trampoline for Wendy to bounce on.

7. Walt Disney on the inaugural run of the E.P. Ripley.

Which happens to pass by Mark Twain Riverboat on it's shakedown cruise.

8. The grand opening of New Orleans Square.

9. The Jungle Cruise, complete with a gun toting guide through the wilderness.

10. The grand opening of It's a Small World (Walt Disney presiding).

11. A jetpack demonstration at Tomorrowland.

12. The Primeval World.

You too could have fed an animatronic dinosaur.

13. Walt Disney on the Matterhorn bobsleds.

With the Shah of Iran and his wife.

14. The nightly lighting up of Disneyland.

(Frontierland clearly has the best lights display)

Disney / Via

15. Jazz on the River of Americas.

16. Disneyland at night during the fireworks celebration.

Bonus! The building of Main St., Disneyland.

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