19 Gifts Idris Elba Gave The World

In honor of his birthday, let’s take a moment to appreciate this man the way he deserves.

1. The gift of beatboxing.

In this weird not Albert Einstein wig.

2. The gift of being really considerate before bedtime.

3. The gift of being a lady in the street but a freak in the sheets.

4. The gift of the most comforting smile in the world.

5. The gift of perfect photobooth technique.

6. The gift of….uh….all of this.

7. The gift of all this fucking malevolent smolder.

8. The gift of dad jokes.

10. The gift of self-awareness.

11. The gift of making the military look good.

12. The gift of an A+ selfie game.

13. The gift of Christmas.

14. The gift of real talk.


15. The gift of fucking sass.

16. The gift of procrastination.

17. The gift of saving the ENTIRE WORLD.

18. The gift of intergalactic pizza.

19. The gift of this promise.


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