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    19 Gifts Disney Gave Us At D23

    God bless you Captain America: Civil War announcements.

    1. Benedict Cumberbatch showed up (for the wrong movie).

    2. Chris Evans included us in his group texts.

    3. Anthony Mackie Mark Ruffalo'd over Chris Pine.

    4. And reminded us that he does it all for the fans.

    5. Lupita looked the like queen that she is (and going to be).

    6. And people couldn't stop talking about Moana.


    8. I'm not crying, you're crying.

    9. Captain Jack Sparrow showed up looking fine as ever.

    10. Apparently the Civil War footage was incredible.

    #CivilWar then we get to see Winter Soldier and Cap rolling together, being best friends and super heroes. Into montage of radness. #D23Expo

    11. During which those lucky bastards in the panel got a first look at Black Panther.

    #CivilWar Panther looks SO good. We only got a quick bit of him, but the costume is PERFECTION. #D23Expo

    12. And the footage included this HEART-BREAKING hella shippy Stucky line.

    13. I mean, is there any further damage you'd like to inflict Marvel?

    #CivilWar Bucky proves he remembers Cap. Remember's Cap's mom's name, etc. The look Cap gives? Wonderful/crushing. #D23Expo

    14. We were also blessed with this incredibly memeable portrait by EW.

    Chris McPherson for EW/People

    15. I MEAN LOOK AT THIS. You'd totally listen to this.

    16. Disneyworld and Disneyland are about to become the best bars in the universe.

    Disney's Bob Iger announcing a 14-acre STAR WARS world, including what looks kind of like Jabba's cantina… #D23Expo

    17. We met the Rogue One cast.

    Meet the stars of @StarWars: #RogueOne. #D23EXPO

    18. While The Force Awakens cast was as delightful as ever.

    19. And then this happened and I died. I'm writing this a ghost. Goodbye forever friends.