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    23 Feminist Work Out Tanks To Help You Fight The Power

    We be flexin.

    1. "Magical girl transformation Monday."

    2. "Pro-spin class, pro-kicking ass."

    3. "Instagram isn't the only place I'm flexin."

    4. "Push through another set you beautiful tropical fish you."

    5. "Another ten minutes on the elliptical and then you can treat yo'self."

    6. "I'ma absorb your privilege cause I'm just that powerful."

    7. "Science girls at Soul Cycle."

    Also at the party.

    8. "Misandry managed."

    9. "The woman to wonder at is me."

    10. "Who needs photoshop when you got glutes?"

    11. "Crosstrain like a girl."

    12. "The pointy end is my success and talent."

    13. "Not today systematic bullshit, not today."

    14. "Cruising with Captain Janeway on the U.S.S. Gives No Fucks."

    15. "The Legend Of Me is about to begin."

    16. "I'm evolving into a perfect being before your very eyes."

    17. "I'm sugar and spice, and this much closer to running a full marathon."

    18. "Consider this princess sick of your shit."

    19. "Gonna slay this cholesterol just like I'ma slay your gender expectations."

    20. "Brains, beauty, and now some fucking brawn."

    21. "I beat boys, blatant misogyny, and my previous rep limits."

    22. "Yes all men must accept feminism."

    23. ;)

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