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People Are Upset About This DC Tweet That Addresses Diversity In "Bizarro"

The writer of the brand-new Bizarro, Heath Corson, had a #BizarroChat on Twitter and addressed the color gray.

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On June 3, DC writer Heath Corson answered questions in a fan Q&A on Twitter about the new Bizarro comic (Issue #1 out currently).

Join us for a Twitter Q&A with BIZARRO's @HeathCorson this Friday @ 1pm PT! It am going to be terrible. #BizarroChat

And as with most up-and-coming comics, the question of diversity (or lack thereof) was brought up by fans.

@DCComics #BizarroChat will there be characters of color prominently shown in this series, and if not, why not?

Though Heath Corson had been tweeting as Bizarro for some responses, he answered the diversity question as himself.

Bizarro is grey, so I hope you're counting him. (1/2) @HeathCorson #BizarroChat

The tweets that were in character as Bizarro were signed "-B".

And then followed up his joke with a more serious answer.

.@FemmesinFridges And yes, as we criss-cross the DCU we'll feature a whole mess of folks. (2/2) @HeathCorson #BizarroChat

But people were not happy with Corson's original joke.

@MarvelMan616 Have you read Infinity man and the forever people? I'm not sure DC realizes its 1990 yet.

This is wrong on so many levels. Seriously. Do better. @DCComics @HeathCorson


@DCComics @HeathCorson @FemmesinFridges really DC. Well nice way to show that your push of diversity is as sincere as it seems

@DCComics @HeathCorson FUCK are you TRYING to lose to Marvel?

.@DCComics awkwardly posts #greylivesmatter joke in #BizarroChat, which I guess kind of confirms the premise of the chat?

A representative for DC did not immediately reply to BuzzFeed News' request for comment.

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