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Classic Criterion Covers Brought To Life Via Vine

Vines by filmmaker Zach Goldberg.

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On his tumblr, Zach Goldberg says the project was inspired by the creativity of the Criterion community.

"Using the social media application, Vine, I wanted to pay honor to Criterion and the essential films in their collection, in turn yearning to become an active participant in the legacy of filmmaking. I challenged my production team and myself to recreate pieces of the acclaimed Criterion cover art as a six second, in-motion videos."

About his unique production process:

"I tried to use cover art that would be unique from one another, all reflecting different styles of filmmaking. Note the camera movement of the Badlands clip, the animation of the Modern Times clip, and the minimalism and use of off-screen sound of the A Man Escaped clip. (Another Note: Please be sure to turn the sound button on in the top left corner. All videos have sound.)

Also, fun fact, I shot these a little over a month before Instagram Video came out. While that application provides filters, Vine does not. So all black and white imagery you see was accomplished through makeup, costume, and art direction."