21 Celebs You Just Know You’d Be BFFs With

If only your star-crossed paths would, you know, actually cross.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Ultimate BBF Date: Bridget Jones double feature with an intermission to Taco Bell while complaining about the fact that Taco Bell doesn’t deliver.

2. Tom Hiddleston

Ultimate BFF Date: Attending Much Ado About Nothing (preferably the David Tennant/Catherine Tate version) and then doing donuts in the parking lot.

3. Natalie Dormer

Ultimate BFF Date: Responding to Twitter trolls while blasting Beyoncé.

4. Stephen Fry

Ultimate BBF Date: Wake and bake with reruns of Cosmos.

5. Nathan Fillion

Ultimate BFF Date: Cruise to tropical island where we RP on the life-sized replica of Serenity that Fox built for us.

6. Catherine Tate

Ultimate BFF Date: Live tweeting everything that bovvers us.

7. Anna Kendrick


Ultimate BFF Date: Drunkenly getting kicked out of Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas and then wandering into The Thunder From Down Under.

8. Orlando Jones


Ultimate BFF Date: Ouija board séance to try and contact Thomas Jefferson so see how many children he ~really~ fathered.

9. Rinko Kikuchi

Ultimate BFF Date: Lasertag but only if we’re two grown adults fighting an army of children aka a birthday party.

10. John Barrowman

Ultimate BFF Date: Wine while you craft your two-person SDCC cosplays.

11. Dylan O’Brien


Ultimate BFF Date: Making macros for your super popular Texts From Beacon Hills tumblr.

12. Kristen Bell

Ultimate BFF Date: Making new friends at a midnight movie premiere.

13. Sir Ian McKellen


Ultimate BFF Date: Ranking the cutest butts in LOTR during drunk brunch.

14. Alex Kingston


Ultimate BFF Date: Fight Club. No j/k we’d be arrested well before fight club, but definitely after karaoke.

15. Clark Gregg


Ultimate BFF Date: Making up Cards Against Humanity cards for our ultimate tournament to the death.

16. Misha Collins


Ultimate BFF Date: Cooking with his son and using the result in a food fight before ordering a pizza.

17. Simon Pegg

Ultimate BFF Date: Practicing Kirk-fu.

18. Alison Brie

Ultimate BFF Date: Recreating a shot by shot remake of “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.

19. Danny Pudi


20. Karl Urban

Ultimate BFF Date: MST3K marathon with a built in cereal bar.

21. Lucy Liu

Ultimate BBF Date: Smashing the patriarchy.

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