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    21 Celebs You Just Know You'd Be BFFs With

    If only your star-crossed paths would, you know, actually cross.

    1. Jennifer Lawrence

    2. Tom Hiddleston

    3. Natalie Dormer

    4. Stephen Fry

    5. Nathan Fillion

    6. Catherine Tate

    7. Anna Kendrick

    Ultimate BFF Date: Drunkenly getting kicked out of Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas and then wandering into The Thunder From Down Under.

    8. Orlando Jones

    Ultimate BFF Date: Ouija board séance to try and contact Thomas Jefferson so see how many children he ~really~ fathered.

    9. Rinko Kikuchi

    10. John Barrowman

    11. Dylan O'Brien

    Ultimate BFF Date: Making macros for your super popular Texts From Beacon Hills tumblr.

    12. Kristen Bell

    13. Sir Ian McKellen

    Ultimate BFF Date: Ranking the cutest butts in LOTR during drunk brunch.

    14. Alex Kingston

    Ultimate BFF Date: Fight Club. No j/k we'd be arrested well before fight club, but definitely after karaoke.

    15. Clark Gregg

    Ultimate BFF Date: Making up Cards Against Humanity cards for our ultimate tournament to the death.

    16. Misha Collins

    Ultimate BFF Date: Cooking with his son and using the result in a food fight before ordering a pizza.

    17. Simon Pegg

    18. Alison Brie

    19. Danny Pudi

    20. Karl Urban

    21. Lucy Liu