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    22 Casts That Would Be Better With People Of Color

    Hollywood casting directors meet tumblr, they will show you the light.

    1. The Avengers

    2. Star Wars

    3. Star Wars Prequels

    4. The Devil Wears Prada

    5. Harry Potter (Marauders)

    6. Harry Potter (Founders)

    7. Sherlock

    8. Game Of Thrones (House Stark)

    9. Supernatural

    10. Good Omens

    11. First Wives Club

    12. Inception

    13. The Justice League

    14. Friends

    15. Sex And The City

    16. Pride and Prejudice

    17. Hawkeye

    18. Bond

    Ms. Bond - Lucy Liu

    Bond Boy - Sebastian Stan

    Q - Natalie Dormer

    Main Villain - Lena Headey

    Mr. Moneypenny - Rami Malek

    M - Idris Elba

    19. Doctor Who

    20. American Gods

    21. The Hunger Games

    22. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

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