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    21 Reasons You Should Value The Black Widow


    1. First and foremost, because she's great at making signs.

    2. Because she puts the kicking in ass-kicking.

    3. Because Romanov's got it covered, thanks anyway though.

    4. Because her tragic backstory is actually about survival and not vengeance.

    5. Which means she doesn't have time for your sanctimonious manpain-y shit.

    6. Because for the right people, Natasha will keep her ledgers in the red.

    7. Because she's smart enough to know when to call for help.

    8. Because bae's got jokes on jokes on jokes.

    9. And she's got that timing on lock.

    10. No seriously though, this woman is a hidden comedic gem.

    11. Because Natasha makes the tough calls.

    12. Because her heart belongs to her and her alone.

    13. Because she turns her greatest weaknesses into her greatest strengths.

    14. And turns everyone's greatest strengths into their greatest weaknesses.


    15. Because she's a team player.

    16. And is exceptional at playing the game.

    17. Because Natasha contains multitudes.

    18. Because she's fucking DARES you to come for her.

    19. Because she knows her value.

    20. And everyone else's too.

    21. Because she's a protagonist, despite what canon has to say about it.

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