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23 Best Tumblr Jokes Of 2014

Oh, fandom, never change.

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1. This unusual pick for the new Doctor.

2. This person who has no idea how much they love The X-Files.

3. When we found out why the Dark Lord is the way he is.

4. The realest game of Cards Against Humanity that's ever been played.

5. The only mystery Sherlock Holmes could never solve.

6. The realest epiphany on Hannibal.

7. The rise of the '90s wolf cry.

8. The real reason we all went to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

9. Smaug's daily affirmations.

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10. Everything about this post. Everything.

11. Also this post.

12. The best use of Pokémon since middle school.

13. The most accurate valentine to ever valentine.

14. This childhood ruiner.

15. The only thing that that's ever on our minds.

16. The true name of friendship.

17. The real winner of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

18. The easiest way to start a fight on Tumblr.

19. Dwayne The Brock Johnson.

20. The immeasurable harm that the movie Godzilla actually caused.

21. This amazing gem.

22. This necessary rearrangement of our priorities.

23. That moment you realized it all went full circle.

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