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A Galentine's Day Card For Each Of Your Besties

Bless you, Parks and Rec, for giving us a day to celebrate our fellow flawless ladies. It's like Festivus, but for Valentine's Day.

For those of you who don't know — Galentine's Day is the greatest day of the year!

It's a day (Feb. 13) where you gather all your favorite ladies and revel in your epic (lady)broships.

So in the spirit of epic (lady)broships — here are some Galentine's Day greetings from our favorite gals to yours.

For the bestie who's awesome enough to tell you that you look great in everything.

For the bestie who still cherishes those ugly homemade puffy paint concert tees from middle school.

For the bestie who's the other half of the greatest power couple the world has ever known.

For the bestie who pushes you to be a better person.

For the bestie who makes everything an adventure.

For the bestie who indulges your worst habits.

For the bestie who would help you bury a body.

For the bestie who never judges.

For the bestie who will always lend you a shoulder to lean on.

For the bestie who has seen you at your worst and still loves you.

For the bestie who doesn't give a shit about what anyone thinks, except for you.

For the bestie who is, and always will be, your Galentine.