A Fandom Guide To Drinking Tea

There’s style, and then there’s style.

1. When drinking like a Jedi, one must look as menacing as possible to remind other that the tea you’re controlling could be their hearts.

Dave Watson ‘FatBabyDave’ / Via writetothesoul.tumblr.com

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2. When drinking like a Time Lord, one must ponder great mysteries of the universe such as: how does a giraffe tie a bow tie?

3. When drinking like consulting crime lord, one must always be plotting the suicide of a ‘fake’ genius.

4. When drinking like a moose, one must simply be a moose.

5. When drinking like a sorcerer, one must be also be a manservant.

6. When drinking like an Asgardian god, one must [muffled mug smashing in the distance].

7. When drinking like the boy who lived, one must be a complete human disaster.

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